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Frequently Asked Questions

Use customer data to build great and solid product experiences that convert.

Bloomsoft is a creative Freelance company in constant pursuit of creating design & products that move people's hearts. We've been helping businesses to design and develop digital products since 2012, with a creative team in India.

Logo Creation, Marketing material of your brand, Website Designing, promotion materials of websites, design of interfaces, graphic design, Storyboarding, Motion graphics animation, UI/UX designing of mobile applications (for android, windows phone, iPhone, iPad), 3D interactive design & development and also custom designs.

Never fear, that's why we are here. You can learn about our time proven process on our process page.

Since 2012. Bloomsoft was founded in 2012.

We work with a broad range of company types [small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B, B2C and more] across many business industries [technology, food, apparel, health + beauty, camps, travel, finance, arts, fair trade, and more.]

Over the years, we've helped businesses improve customer service, market their products, and attract customers. Functionality requests range from basic to advanced. Our team takes the time to get to know your industry, organization, and competitors to ensure your site supports all of your goals.

The project starts with a 50% deposit and 2 installments of the project balance over the course of development.

The cost of a website can vary depending on various factors, just like the cost of a house may vary. Though our website projects generally start in the Rs.12,000 range for basic business sites and range upward depending on your unique needs.

Our standard websites take approximately 7-12 days to create. Our E-commerce (online store) websites take approximately 30-60 days to create. This time will vary from project to project.

This is a great question to ask and you should ask it of any graphic & web design and development firm you are considering. Many firms will farm out work to companies or interns. Some firms give little or no access to client’s who want to speak directly with their designers or developers. Our clients work directly with our tight knit crew of 20. Who that will be depends on your project needs and what stage of the process you are in during the project.

We build all of our websites based on the client requirement. Example WordPress, Python, PHP, .Net, HTML etc..

Yes. We are exclusively WordPress CMS firm. In choosing to build with one platform over the past 10 years, we have become experts in WordPress and can create extremely custom solutions for our clients.

No. We only support websites that we have fully built. We have this policy so that we can 100% stand behind everything that we craft. There are issues of liability of multiple programmers touching the same code over time.


Yes. We include copy writing and editing in all of our proposals. We also build your sitemap and help structure the foundation of your website in the planning stages.

We charge hourly, monthly basis it depends on following contract you agree with us.

YES! Everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website. Our team is just irresistible that way. But if for any reason you decide you want to take your site to another hosting service and get another company to service the site, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. The website is yours after all, and we want you to take it wherever you go.


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