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India’s first humanoid robot – Shalu

Shalu is India’s first humanoid robot prototype developed by Dinesh Patel, a Computer Science teacher in Mumbai. One of a kind this robot can also be used in schools to answer queries once fully into production.

Shalu – the humanoid robot can speak multiple languages and has the aptitude to answer the queries of the students and include math problems. Thanks to Dinesh Patel, a Computer Science Teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya in IIT Powai.

Similar to ‘Sophia’ Shalu can perform many human gestures such as shaking hands. It can smile and display emotions like anger, says Dinesh Patel.

More to the store, Shalu can speak nine Indian languages and 38 foreign languages. Mr. Dinesh Patel claims that it is the first social humanoid robot in the world that can speak 9 Indian languages.

Dinesh has made the prototype using components purchased from the local market

According to him “The robot has a diverse set of capabilities and it can talk in English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam languages. Shalu has the capability of recognizing and remembering people and objects to answering different questions, the robot also has a diverse set of capabilities.”

Dinesh has made the prototype using components purchased from the local market and adds that he is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital and Make in India Mission.

The first of its kind model follows a general conversation based on any predefined scripted social content driven by (AI) artificial intelligence. It can also answer questions related to the names of politicians and weather conditions.

 A very interesting side of the robot is that it can read out horoscopes and deliver weather reports, says Patel, adding, “The robot can also answer students’ questions about general knowledge and periodic elements. It can also help them to get answers to simple math questions and equations.”

Dinesh is keen to explore and use 3D prints of body parts in the prototype for smooth movement with better quality motors and use real latex human face masks so that Shalu – the humanoid robot can give expressions as close to the corresponding emotions shown by humans.

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